We will be using some of your donations on quality of life grants for local paralyzed people.  These grants will provide funds for to improve the lives of injured people: from making a computer accessible to installing a wheelchair ramp.  We want to help.


Cory Trenkamp:           President

Amanda Mosely:          Treasurer

Christine Trenkamp:     Secretary

Dr. Susan Hubbell

Victoria Maisch Rumor

Abby Nichols


Cory's life experiences that lead him to making this foundation is the lack of information that is available for people with spinal cord injuries. The Federal government has also not been very willing to help with much-needed research. This foundation was created to help people in West Central Ohio deal with spinal cord injuries and help finance the research programs that are making discoveries in finding a cure. Making people aware of the risks of getting a Spinal Cord Injury is a goal of ours. And if I can help just one person from not obtaining such an injury would be worth all our time and effort.